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A Message from the Founder of Stellar-eMarketing

“If you don’t know the laws and tenets of PR and Marketing, you can’t fully understand SEO and it’s impacts or where it falls in the marketing process, no matter how good of a technician you are.

We’re PR and marketing experts, who happen to specialize in SEO. We understand your customers, their behavior and why they’ll choose you over a competitor. As a result, we’ll get your programs to convert better, faster and more consistently.

So call the other companies first, or better yet, use them. Then come to us. You won’t need a sales pitch to tell the difference.

Promises about “overnight, magical results” in a sales call may get a foot in the door, but consistently winning long-term and going beyond just high rankings is the foundation of what we do here.”

Dan York, Founder & CEO
Stellar-eMarketing, Inc

Meet Our Team

Dan York
Founder & CEO


Shana Randell


Brittany Caldwell
Director of Operations


Dana Franks
Chief Client Strategist


Steven Williams
SEO Project Manager


Don’t risk your Assisted Living marketing budget ROI to an inexperienced Senior Living SEO Service.

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